In the corporate world that we live and work in, it's nice to know there's a company that understands your business needs.
Commercial Services
There are many production and authoring needs for a business.  Here at Call Tex Studios, we're here to help meet those production and authoring needs and exceed your expectations.  Here are some of the most frequently needed production and authoring services that we provide.

- Produce videos for Training, Safety, or other business purposes. 

- We offer full standard definition recording capabilities.

DVD authoring for custom play lists and menus for specialized audience.  Click Here for an example.

- Presentation preparation in video and audio formats.

Let us assist you

Full Production (Video record on site.  Pro audio control. 2 Cameras. Standard Definition. Author 2 master DVD discs (1 for video and 1 for computer/web) - $500 for the first recording hour and $150 for each additional recording hour.

DVD Authoring (This means that we take any footage that you already have and place it onto a DVD and add a custom menu and add chapters/playlists) We provide 1 Master and 1 copy disc in cases - $90 (all copyrights are recognized.  I will not use footage that you do not have permission to use)

CD/DVD Duplications - We will duplicate CD's and DVD's at a base cost of $15 for the first disc and $5 for each subsequent disc (base fee).  If you want a graphic printed on the disc and need cases for these discs, the cost is $30 for the first disc and $10 for each subsequent disc.
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