Media Conversion
Congratulations! You're all set up to STOP the degradation of your home movies and PRESERVE them forever! Click on the links above for any information you might want.  Then Contact Us so that we can write you a bid, and we can start saving your home movies for you and for generations to come!

Be Prepared to answer these questions...

1. What media are you movies currently on? (We currently can transfer VHS/VHS-C/SVHS, Hi8/Dig8/Std.8, Mini DV, super 8mm reel to reel or Regular 8mm reel to reel with and without audio, 16mm reel to reel + Any HDD format.

2. How do you want your movies delivered BACK to you?  You can choose between a standard DVD, DVD with features, HDD formats, or even High Definition Blu-Ray!  Your old movies will also be returned to you after the service is complete.

3. Is this video a special occasion?  We have LOTS of features that you can choose to make the SPECIAL movies really stand out!

4. Do you need any additional copies?  If you're going to need extras, ask for them now, so that you only have to pay the "copy" price for additional discs.

Then Contact Us so that we can write you a bid, and we can get your videos on their way.

Call Tex Studios celebrates moral integrity and therefor will not knowingly capture, edit, produce or duplicate any material that contains immoral, objectionable, or illegal material (except to aid Law Enforcement or other legal services).  See our Standards of Services for more information.
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