Transfer Your Old Slides and Negatives to Digital
Let us assist you
Congratulations! You're all set up to STOP the degradation of your home pictures and PRESERVE them forever! Click on the links above for any information you might want.  Then Contact Us so that we can write you a bid, and we can start saving your home pictures for you and for generations to come!

Be Prepared to answer these questions...

1. What media are you pictures currently on? (We currently can transfer standard 35mm slides and 35mm negatives)

2. How many pictures do you have? (our prices vary by quantity so let's get them all done at once!)

3. How do you want your pictures delivered BACK to you?  You can choose between a standard DVD disc that will work in your computer OR you can have your pictures made into a slide show so you can watch them on your TV.

4. Are there any special occassion photos?  Choose our higher quality "Enhanced" and "Premium" scans to accomidate your needs.

5. Do you need any additional copies?  If you're going to need extras, we charge $7 for standard DVD's and $10 for Archive Grade Discs.

Then Contact Us so that we can write you a bid, and we can get your photos on their way.

By continuing with our services, you agree that your media to be serviced contains no explicit or illegal material.  You also agree to pay for return shipping if applicable and that Call Tex Studios will NOT destroy any media from any customer source.

Open Mon. - Fri 5pm-7pm                 (903) 723-0611                Inside Bascom Chapel Professional Building. 811 N. Church Ste. 201