Standards of Services

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Call Tex Studios celebrates moral integrity.  We believe that our services, talents and equipment are a gift from God and that all work done by Call Tex Studios will be done as a service so Him.  And while we do reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason at all, it is our standard policy to serve ALL customers that request our services.  But because videos are permanent graphic records, Call Tex Studios has adopted the following guidelines to help us use our services and God given talents responsibly.  While we do not require that your request for service involve a Christian event or media, (we service secular media daily), Call Tex Studios does choose not to support certain standards, ideas, events or activities and therefore will refuse service to ANYONE who asks Call Tex Studios to capture, edit, produce and/or duplicate any media that are described in any of the following items:

1. Illegal Activities.  Any request for my services that requires me to capture, edit, produce or duplicate any material that contains illegal activities will be rejected by my studio.  
2. Language and General Atmosphere.  The sole standards of the owner will determine whether or not your request will be denied based on this content.
3. Nudity and Lewd Conduct.  Call Tex Studios believes that our bodies are a temple for the Most High God.  We will not provide services on any media that contains this content.
4. Certain Wedding Practices.  Weddings are a difficult item to address, however Call Tex Studios believes that marriage is an institution which was created and defined by God Almighty in the Garden of Eden.  These are my deeply held religious beliefs, and I will not knowingly capture, edit, produce nor duplicate a wedding ceremony (or other commitment type ceremony) that is not conducted according to the following standards: a. A marriage must be the biblical union between a single man and a single woman. b. A marriage ceremony must be officiated as a commitment before Jehovah God and not any other supreme being (i.e. Satan, Allah, Buddha).
5. General Negativity. Call Tex Studios will not knowingly capture, edit, produce nor duplicate any media that supports, condones, or calls upon hate, negativity, ill will or intentions for any of God's creation, or certain rebellious or generally inappropriate discourse.
6. Political Views.  Call Tex Studios sole owner has very conservative political views.  These views are held because we believe that they are vital for a free republic and for a thriving community.  Because of their important effects, we will not knowingly capture, produce, edit nor duplicate any media that contains messages that promote certain liberal agendas including, abortion, anti-Christian bigotry, disrespect toward public servants, disrespect toward our flags, anti-patriotism, anti-constitution, The Theory of Evolution, fiscal irresponsibility or other dangerous agendas.
7. Copyright Infringement. Call Tex Studios will not duplicate or transfer copyrighted media.

Thank you for taking the time to understand Call Tex Studios and the decisions we make.  We deeply regret any feeling(s) of rejection that anyone may feel because of these standards, but we believe that the permanent results of our actions outweigh the momentary hurt felt by our potential clients. We rely on our own experiences and our ultimate source of morality, the Holy Bible, for guidance on our standards.  If at any time we feel like we have erred in these standards, we will update them accordingly.  We will wave these standards in order to assist law enforcement or for other legal purposes, even for non-Law Enforcement or non-lawyer civilians.

Last Updated: 6-29-15